Art at St James Place

In 2009 Jarrold started work on a project with support from Arts & Business to develop an art strategy for the St James Place development site.

This led to the commencement of the St James Collection, a curated programme of temporary and permanent public artworks and events originally devised by lead artist Cath Campbell.

The artworks commissioned for The St James Collection share the common theme of ‘elevating the ordinary’, and draw upon the history, people, architecture and use of the site. The art programme shapes the developing identity of St James Place as a vibrant and lively centre contributing to the economic and cultural life of the city of Norwich.

Works commissioned for the site will include large scale architectural interventions, sculptural works and temporary installations. The collection also promotes research, artist residencies and collaborative projects.

Due to the slowdown in the property market, progress on the development of the collection has been slower than anticipated, but several projects have now been completed.