About Us

Jarrold is a privately owned business based in the historic St James Mill near to the centre of Norwich. The company was founded in Woodbridge, Suffolk in 1770 and moved to Norwich in 1823.

The company comprises retail, property, training and business services activities (incorporating security and cleaning services). For more information about the activities of the individual businesses, please use the links.

The company has seen many changes over the last fifteen years during which it ceased to operate printing and publishing businesses to focus on developing its retail operations, property assets, training and and associated activities.

The company is ambitious in its vision for its businesses and is proactive in seeking new opportunities to develop.

Involvement in the communities of Norwich and Norfolk has long been an important part of the ethos of the business and the company continues to maintain this philosophy through engagement in local economic development, educational, community and charitable activities. The company supports the John Jarrold Trust (charity number 242029) and most requests for charitable support from the company are referred to the Trust.