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This year we are supporting Nourishing Norfolk, a local charity who concentrate on alleviating food poverty across our region. Sadly in the beautiful county of Norfolk known for centuries for agriculture and food production, there are thousands of people struggling to access good quality, affordable food. On top of this, existing food inequalities within society have only widened as a result of the global pandemic. Covid-19 has brought the reality of food poverty even more to the forefront, with people who have never asked for help before experiencing real hardship. Having lost their jobs or had income reduced, many simply cannot afford to buy enough food to properly nourish themselves and their families. In Norfolk, around 86,000 people worry that they could struggle to provide adequate food for their household in the future.

Nourishing Norfolk believe that everyone in Norfolk should be able to eat well, every day. That doesn’t mean having to rely on one of the emergency food parcels that are currently a lifeline for many families, and it should not mean having to fill your shopping basket with cheaper, low nutrition food either. It means everyone being able to afford to choose the food they would like to buy; so they can put together well-balanced, nutritious meals. We’ll be undertaking a number of fund raising activities to help them meet their targets for this year including Quiz and Chips, Run Norwich and more.

For further information on Nourishing Norfolk click here

Click here to read Nourishing Norfolk’s latest annual review highlighting just some of their work over the last year to address the big issues of our time, and their plans to create a stronger, brighter Norfolk for us all.