Community News

To mark the 250th anniversary of the founding of the company, Jarrold invited writers to submit a story inspired by Jarrold. We were delighted to receive over 200 submissions and have thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

The winners were announced on Radio Norfolk from 10.30am on 3 November and featured readings from the winning entries.

The winners are:


1‘Playful in Jarrold’ by Sue Garratt. We thought it was brave and innovative to use poetry to tell the story; and the poem was well written.

2 ’Something About Jarrold’ by Abi Armstrong. This was a heartfelt  and sincere piece.

Under 12. ‘

1 Portal’ by Lara Holland. We thought this was imaginative and we were impressed by the the writing skills including the use of dialogue.

2 ‘Toys on the Loose’ by Catherine Scott. This story has a fun, conversational, tone and lovely ending.

3 ’The Shop Window’  by Amy Wiggin. A nicely written story touching on an important part of  Jarrold’s  history.

13 – 17. 

1 ‘Jarrolds Story’ by Larissa Burns. This, we felt, had real tension and good descriptive writing.

2  ‘Waiting’ by Rowena Keys. A story with a real emotion and a strong narrative.

3  ‘Jarrold’  by Lucy Matthes. This is a touching  piece from a very personal viewpoint.

18 and over.

1 ‘A Very Suitable Name’ by A. M. Maxwell is a clever blend of historical fact and inventive, amusing, fiction.

2 ‘Lifetime Guarantee’ by Jill Waters is a genuinely moving story and a good narrative.

3 ‘The Move’ by Amanda Williams. An insightful story with a positive message.

We were also delighted that several of our favourite published authors – Elly Griffiths, Pete Goodrum, Rachel Hore, D J Taylor, Cressida McLaughlin, Henry Sutton and Elizabeth Haynes have written their own short stories and memoirs inspired by Jarrold.

To read the winners, shortlisted stories and the author stories click here