John Jarrold Printing Museum

Printing Museum

(Founded 1982)

John Jarrold Printing Museum
Whitefriars Norwich Norfolk NR3 1SH

The Museum is open from 09.30 to 12.30 every Wednesday (except during the Christmas and New Year period) and by special arrangement. During those hours only, the Museum can be contacted on 01603 677183. 

Please note that the museum is not a commercial organisation - just a small museum open only once a week and operated solely by volunteers.

Nearest public car park:
St Helens Wharf, Bishopgate, Norwich, NR3 1RZ, then walk over the Jarrold Bridge and turn left alongside the river to access the Museum.

On foot, aim for Whitefriars Bridge, then walk down the path towards St James Mill; the Museum is located at the far end of the mill.