13 July 2017

Latest donations from the John Jarrold Trust

Donations totaling nearly £53,000 were agreed by the Trustees at their meeting in June 2017. Eligible applications from seventy different organisations were received and fifty-three were selected for support. 

Caroline Jarrold, the secretary to the Trust said "the Trust always receives a large number of applications and it is a very difficult process to decide which causes to support. Seeing all of the applications across organisations from those concerned with social welfare to medical research and the environment, to education, the arts and historic buildings enables the Trustees to see the vast amount of activity across the county aimed at benefiting the local community. The Trustees also support a few overseas organisations with which it has had long-term relationships".

Causes supported included the Prostate Cancer Research project  at the UEA, the Sue Lambert Trust and the East Anglia Art Fund for educational work relating to the Rembrandt: Lightening the Darkness Exhibition  which runs from October 2017 to early January 2018.

To see the full list of organisations supported click here 

More information about the work of the Trust can be found here

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