18 March 2019

Jarrold and Sons Limited Gender Pay Reporting April 2018

Jarrold is a privately owned business based in the historic St James Mill near to the Centre of Norwich. The company was founded in Woodbridge, Suffolk in 1770 and currently employs over 450 people.

The company comprises retail, property, training and business services activities (incorporating security and cleaning services). 

Our Gender Pay figures

These figures represent the difference in pay between men and women in our business:

Mean difference (women’s hourly rate is lower) 14.96% 
Median difference (women’s hourly rate is lower) 1.89%
Percentage of males who were paid a bonus 16.22%
Percentage of females who were paid a bonus 12.88%
Mean gender pay gap in bonus pay (women’s bonus pay is lower) 58.55%
Median gender pay gap in bonus pay (women’s bonus pay is lower) 20.9%

Distribution of males and females per quartile:

Quartiles Men Women
Upper 41.07% 58.93%
Upper middle 32.74% 67.26%
Lower middle 26.55% 73.45%
Lower 30.97% 69.03%

As an employer of over 250 members of staff, we are required by law to carry out Gender Pay Reporting. This is the second year of reporting and we are pleased to report that the pay gap in all calculated area has decreased. Our median pay gap for 2018 is 1.89% against a gap of 6.7% last year. This remains under the national average which stands at 17.9% (ONS) at the time of writing

The figures represent a workforce where 66% of the workforce are female and a high majority of our entry level positions are occupied by females as shown in our quartile distribution.

The business works to cultivate a culture where all staff have equal opportunities to progress and develop in the business. Vacant positions are advertised internally, and we actively consider internal promotions when progression opportunities become available. 

Our base pay for entry level positions are set using a structured hourly rate system that applies equally to both males and females. 

2018 saw the departure of the Retail Division MD, Peter Mitchell and the arrival of our first female Retail Division CEO, Minnie Moll. This sends a fantastic message to colleagues around the business particularly around females in senior positions.

Training and Development

This year 8 colleagues experienced accredited leadership training, 5 of these colleagues were female. 

A focus of HR training this year is to raise awareness of unconscious bias, equality and inclusion within our leadership practices. This training will be given to leaders in the business who are involved in decisions around training, development and recruitment.

Actively promoting flexible work patterns

We pride ourselves on fulfilling the majority of the flexible working requests that we receive in our business. In 2018 we agreed 14 out of 16 flexible working requests. Flexible working requests are still generally made by females however we have seen a slight increase in requests being made by male employees in the business.

Flexible working is actively encouraged in the business and colleagues are invited to discuss options around their work patterns.

Internal promotion of vacancies

Our current practice is to promote internal vacancies via our job board, through our colleague newsletter and via word of mouth among colleagues. 

Learning about more senior positions

We continue to share information in order to create interest in various roles. Due to the limitations that come with the size of our business, it is important that we do this responsibly with the aim of creating interest when a vacancy arises rather than create an expectation that moving into other positions is always an option.

Executive Chairman statement

This report covers all members of staff employed by Jarrold and Sons Ltd. The report covers all levels of employees including board members. As Executive Chairman for Jarrold and Sons Ltd, I, David Hill, confirm that the information contained within this report is accurate.

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